Salinas Region - IG

Rua João Pena Sobrinho 345 | Salinas | MG | Brazil
Zip Code 39560-000

+55 (38) 3841-3431

Região de Salinas
Região de Salinas

Our organization


The Salinas Region is regulated by:




We are an association formed by artisanal producers of the region.


Our mission and pilars


Our Purpose

To manage, protect and promote an authentic experience of the Salinas Region origin, valuing our culture, our producers and our artisanal “cachaças”.

Our Pillars

Our region,
our strength

The Salinas Region makes us unique, it is our biggest strength and it belongs to our producers in a collective way.

To manage, protect and promote our region, our producers and our products must always be our main focus.

Leading with Purpose

To show the way, to inspire and involve all of those present along the artisanal “cachaça” production chain in the promotion and valorization of our origin and of the artisanal “cachaça” culture.

Going Beyond,
Thinking as a Group

Our actions must consider a broad context regarding the production of artisanal “cachaça” in the region, promoting economical, cultural and social impacts.