Salinas Region - IG

Rua João Pena Sobrinho 345 | Salinas | MG | Brazil
Zip Code 39560-000

+55 (38) 3841-3431

Região de Salinas
Região de Salinas

Try the flavors
from our land:
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Composed by 6 municipalities in the northern part of
Minas Gerais state, the Salinas Region is one of the main
producing regions of artisanal “cachaça” in Brazil.

Our region is the pioneer of the movement to value and
recognize the artisanal “cachaça”. Our produce comes from the
hands of small growers that traditionally combine their “know how”
to the region’s climate, soil and terrain to create an authentic
product, that expresses the intrinsic features of the territory and
its premium quality.



The demarcated geographical area officially includes the municipalities of Salinas and Novorizonte and part of the municipalities of Taiobeiras, Rubelita, Santa Cruz de Salinas and Fruta de Leite.

Região de Salinas

Salinas Region
Geographical Indication

Since 2012, the region received the Geographical Indication registration that officially recognizes the authenticity of the artisanal “cachaça” from the Salinas Region.

The Geographical Indication (GI) identifies and guarantees that the “cachaças” bearing the Salinas Region Origin seal are produced within the delimited area and in accordance to specific rules and regulations established in the Usage Regulation, to protect and identify our regional patrimony.

Only the artisanal “cachaças” that follow all of the requirements included in the Usage Regulation are authorized to use to origin seal of “Salinas Region – GI”